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How to boost sales and free up marketing teams

The most common issue that clients come to us with at Libris is brand management and how to control it, especially when they have multiple offices and sales staff to manage. The first sign that control is slipping normally manifests in the marketing department, not that they are doing a bad job but more so the volume of requests from demanding sales teams have increased to unmanageable levels. As this increases everything becomes last minute and the pressure never subsides, what we also see are the same repetitive tasks being done over and over again because it is easier and quicker than opening that can of worms. There comes a tipping point in every marketing department when the demand outweighs supply and when this happens things start slipping through the brand management net.

How to get the best out of your marketing

When marketing departments enter this stage they need to stop what they are doing and undertake a full audit of their internal marketing processes. We find once clients map out what they are currently doing and how they are doing it, the issues tend to stand out and are easily fixed. To get the best out of marketing all content needs to be centralised and digitalised to allow the production process to flow. This is where brand managementsoftware is used to help teams create content from master templates to help speed up the process. This is one option and works well, but Libris has taken it further and built a Sales Tool plugin that automatically connects marketing assets with sales teams, called Unify.

Brand management made easy

Unify works the same way as other brand management software, a library of master templates that are all on brand with everything set with user permissions to keep your brand safe. It is the Sales Tool plugin that sets Unify apart from the other systems on the market unlocking greater potential for the business. Once the marketing department have created a piece of content using the master templates, they can automatically share with sales teams via the Sales Tool plugin. Unify can also share live templates that are controlled and managed by the marketing department, these are linked to the sales teams so that nothing is ever out-of-date, perfect for compliance issues and version control. Unify allows the central marketing department to control all their marketing material live in any location, and at the same time empowering every salesperson with the tools to build custom proposals, brochures or presentations using live up-to-date content.

The perfect sales tool

The Sales Tool can be configured to work with any type of business, so if you have 1 or 1000 different marketing items they can all live in the cloud and be linked to every sales team around the world. Now when marketing make any type of change it is available the second it is saved to everyone in your Sales Tool network. This level of control makes it simple to manage multiple offices and sales teams in any location, it also gives live data back to the business showing what marketing material is being used, how much it’s being used, in what region and by who.

Unify has other plugins and options that can be built to fit around any type of business in any sector. For more information or to book a demo contact us today on 01279 732436 or [email protected]