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How to boost sales and free up marketing teams

The most common issue that clients come to us with at Libris is brand management and how to control it, especially when they have multiple offices and sales staff to manage. The first sign that control is slipping normally manifests in the marketing department, not...

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Is bad product information slowly killing your business

Are you sick of product information holding back your business? Many companies use Excel spreadsheets to manage their product information and keep it up-to-date within their organisation, over time these spreadsheets start to get out of control with multiple tabs and...

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Brand consistency woes

The way we work and the material we produce is changing, customers want marketing that focuses on their specific needs. It is hard to maintain brand consistency on the ad hoc locally produced collateral that internal marketing departments are producing to meet demand....

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Willy Wonka’s golden marketing advice!

It is hard to keep up with technology at the best of times, before I get home in the evening I can turn the heating on before I leave the office, warm my car up before getting in, order my dinner to be delivered. Then once I get home I can unlock my front door using...

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Get personal, first impressions count!

As time has moved on, personal touches have appeared more and more in b2b communications. However, this seems to have plateaued with email. The rise of CRM systems and automated email follow-ups have caused inboxes to be flooded with personalised emails. "94% of...

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Live Webinars

Join our free webinar. Starting next month (July 2017), we will be offering some free live webinars to show you just how easy it is to get setup on Unify. It is so easy in fact we only need 15 minutes of your time!  Each webinar will be followed by a Q&A...

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