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Is the Best Before Date on your marketing material holding you back?

Is the Best Before Date on your marketing material holding you back?

When it comes to giving sales teams tools to help free up the marketing department, it normally ends up doing the exact opposite. Giving out master powerpoint templates, Word templates, brochures and corporate images to the sales teams should help everyone, but there are a few reason why this doesn’t work.

Why master PowerPoint files never stay on brand as they should

For example, giving out a PowerPoint template doesn’t mean that everything produced by the salesperson is going to to be on brand. You wouldn’t give someone the keys to your new car if you weren’t sure they could drive, or drive safely. So why give out a branded master powerpoint file if you’re not sure it will stay on brand, or that clipart isn’t going to be used.

The recirculation of old marketing material can kill sales

Another common thing we see time and time again is the recirculation of old marketing material, these can have a Half Life longer than plutonium. Once distributed and downloaded onto a laptop, that is where it stays, used year on year and never updated. Even when asset banks and DAM systems are introduced to allow easy access to brand assets, people still don’t bother to check for updates, we are so used to automation in this digital age that manually having to do anything is an effort.

Put a stop to the ad hoc requests for sales and marketing material

With this in mind, how much time do you think you would you save if you didn’t have to supply or ask for marketing material ever again? At Unify we have calculated that using our system can cut up to 45 minutes off every hour spent sorting and distributing sales and marketing material. But that’s not all, not only does everyone have what they want, when they want it, but everything is always on brand, current and personalised.

No longer store and use out of date marketing material

The really clever bit is the Unify Sales Tool, it has been designed so that the sales teams need to use the tool to produce a new document every single time, they can’t download a generic copy to use again and again. This ensures they are using current sales and marketing material that in turn is managed directly by the marketing team in the background. Because they are creating something personal and bespoke every time, each brochure is unique to the recipient and can’t be stored to be used again for someone else, taking away the problem of storing and using out of date material forever. It also empowers the sales teams and gives them the flexibility to be as creative as they want in a controlled environment.

Increase your response rate by up to 500%

Unify is a very powerful sales tool, it gives sales teams the freedom to create what they need, when they need it. It is also a very powerful marketing tool, allowing all content to be controlled and distributed live from a central source. In a recent survey conducted by Canon it revealed that adding a person’s name, along with relevant content can increase the response rate by up to 500%, something that is very easy to implement with Unify.

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